• Croutons with carp roe
  • Smoked tench paté with grilled vegetables and toasted bread
  • Valnerina trout with aromatic sauce and steamed vegetables
  • Fried perch fillet with fagiolina del Trasimeno cream, black truffle and crispy bread
  • Mixed starter of lake fish – recommended for 2 people
  • Crostone with Brancaleone cheese, red apple and chestnuts honey
  • Mixed starters with cold cuts, cheeses, croutons and typical small pizzas


  • Umbrian spelled soup with chickpeas and artichokes
  • Hand made pasta “Maltagliati” with tench fillets and fagiolina del Trasimeno (typical beans)
  • Tagliolini with lake fish sauce
  • Hand made pasta “pici” with lake fish sauce
  • Risotto with perch
  • Organic spelled flour tagliatelle with asparagus, “guanciale” and seasoned pecorino slivers
  • Hand made pasta “Tagliatelle” with Chianina meat flavoured with thyme


  • Lake fish fried and served with home made tartar sauce
  • Perch fillet with capers and lemon sauce
  • Valnerina trout fillet with Cinta senese lard (Siena’s saddleback pig – Dop) served with artichokes flavored with majoram
  • Roasted carp cooked in a wood oven (traditional recipe)
  • Grilled and sliced free range chicken served with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and “grana padano” cheese slivers
  • Chianina Igp “straccetti” (meat strips) with artichokes
  • Grilled and sliced beef with grilled vegetables and balsamic vinegar sauce


  • Mixed salad
  • Typical Trasimeno beans with aromatic herbs
  • Grilled vegetables
  • French fries
  • Steamed vegetables sauteed

Big salads

  • Valnerina salmon trout fillet, mozzarella di bufala, lettuce, rocket salad, corn, cherry tomatoes, crispy bread
  • Grilled free-range chicken breast, lettuce, rocket salad, red pepper, cucumber, green olives, cherry tomatoes


Home made cakes

  • Saffron panna cotta with raspberries sauce and chopped pistachios
  • Cheese cake flavored with eldelflower syrup with wild fruits sauce
  • Chocolate cake with mascarpone and coffee chantilly cream
  • Typical biscuits served with sweet wine
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Ice creams

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