Typical dishes

Roasted Carp

Tasty dish of the Trasimeno area, the roasted carp is prepared by baking a carp queen of at least 15-20 kg.

The carp is traditionally filled like a pig with bacon, fennel and other herbs



Hand made pasta “pici” with lake fish sauce

All the flavors and aromas of the fresh water fish are accompanied by the simplicity of homemade pasta.

Flour and water are the basic ingredients of Pici, long pasta similar to spaghetti but a little ‘thicker and wide.

The preparation consists in hand making the pasta that knead by hand until it is long and full-bodied.

pici ai sapori di lago


The secret of the success of this wonderful lake dish is its simplicity and the ancient tradition which is link to. It is realized with genuine ingredients.

The name “Tegamaccio” comes from the fact that is always cooked in a terracotta pot.

The fish used in the preparation of the dish are: lake pike, perch, tench, carp and eel queen.


Our local lake fish supplier is Cooperative Fishermen of the Trasimeno

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