The Cooperative Aurora has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. An important goal that rewards consistency, quality and passion of all the people who work there and devote their time to accommodate the most guests.

Quality of service

Quality service is based on speed, accuracy, cleanliness and the appropriate relationship with the price of the dishes.


Our employees are real professionals in the restaurant, with years of experience behind it, can recommend the best wines, the best dishes and satisfy the taste of all types of palates. With menus targeted for individual needs, also, we can satisfy both adults and children and, not least, with the choice of having a menu specifically for coeliacs we try to meet the needs of good eating that part of the population allergic to gluten, but who wants to continue to eat with pleasure


It ‘the first thing that you notice about a catering service and that is why we care particularly. Contact with our operators is never over the top, never harsh, but always courteous and respectful of the customer, in order to make everyone feel at ease

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