Taste, innovation, passion, experience

The restaurant that nowadays relies on this historical site is a place where laziness is not a flaw, rather a need to satisfy, surrounded by confort, elegance, good food and attention. 

The story of the Pigra Tinca restaurant (“The lazy Tench”) blends with the story of the town of Castiglione del Lago. 

For more than half a century this restaurant has been the cradle of traditional food for tons of people. A refuge to taste well-being, to smile. After two years of work, finally the Pigra Tinca reopens, embracing the concept of quality time. 

All the materials and supplies are organics, recyclables and fully sustainables. 

The Pigra Tinca restaurant is a place where tradition, innovation and sustainability blend in a perfect marriage. A place to taste every shade of well-being in the heart of the Trasimeno Lake Regional Park.


Imagine a day of holiday, eating your favorite food.
A day for you, spending time without the world chasing you with all its requests.
Taste slowly every ingredient, every texture, every flavor.
How do you feel ?
Joy, happiness, well-being.
Guard this feelings for a while, until you’ll need them again.
Now, imagine a place where you can feel this way.
A place where not only you can “taste” well-being, but where you can experience, breathe, live it. A place designed to make you feel like this.
What if this place existed, and was in Umbria ?
Its name ? La Pigra Tinca.

The old getty

The Pigra Tinca owes its name to a traditional inhabitant of the Trasimeno lake, where the restaurant lies: the tench. This lake-water fish used to go in hibernation in the muddy lake-bottom without moving, from here the nickname “lazy”.
As the tench, the building that today hosts the namesake restaurant is strongly connected with the lake, as it now lies on the place that used to be the jetty for ferries. The ferries, out and out floating houses, became popular because of their comfort and elegance.