Tradition, innovation, design

A place made both for a date night or a dinner with the family o friends, and for a work lunch or a small event


The tradition of this historical site is perfectly told in our restaurant: the architectural idea is inspired by the legendary ferry, characterized by polished mahogany details and elegant seats, a bright and intimate space, perfect to enjoy the landscape from the big glass-windows.
The outside, a terrace on the lake, remembers a slow ride on the ferry and amaze with a panoramic view on the Trasimeno in its fullness.


The new Pigra Tinca offers innovative and tasty proposals in its menu, moving from tradition to contemporary and trendy recipes.
You will find out that a Martini cup can host one of the most ancient lake-fish recipes of the area or that a Carbonara can be prepared with lake-fish as well!
The lake is the main-character of our dishes: gastronomical proposals characterized by the use of local products, according to the philosophy of the Aurora Group – freshwater fish, water-relied meats (duck, pheasant), vegetables- proposed in a contemporary interpretation and masterly prepared in our open-style kitchen.